My name is Janet Brand, and I am the owner, operator, chief cook and bottle washer of Alaskan Brand wild berry products. 

My first product was Ketch-a-Cranberry with the cranberries being collected from what we call muskeg bogs.  I sold Ketch-a-Cranberry at the local fairs and my friend sold blueberry products.

As most people do, she moved onto better things and I moved further into the woods to collect more varying types of berries realizing that the residents of Ketchikan really enjoyed wild berry products.  It became perfectly clear that my full time job was going to be my quest for the “Berry”.  My husband, Dennis, informs me that he is “just the berry picker” when asked to help in the making of the jelly!

Alaskan Brand products are a labor of love and I hope you enjoy them.  There are no chemicals, coloring, or preservatives in Alaskan Brand products.